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About Us

Let’s have some words about the glorious past of Mr.Skill & our Achievements.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to develop Skilled Youth & put an impressive wave to change the numbers of unemployment.

CEO’s Words

Our Mission

In this World of vast Opportunities, Youths from other countries are doing a rocking job & make their IT services recognized around the world.

They’re getting newly developed minds in the Entrepreneurial game to build the solutions of the problems they’re facing.

Our Aim Is Very Simple in Words but Very Hard to put in Reality only if we still walk on the same old patterns of learning.

But on the opposite side of the mirror, the training institutes are again doing the same old job as our education system have doing for past many years.

According to the Ministry of Education & Ministry of Finance, thousands of Institutes & Millions of Teachers out there, but the results are not satisfactory.

Unfortunately! I’m very sad to say that but I’ve to say, they are fail to raise a potential Youngster who can do the same job as the other young blood is doing in their countries around the world.

So, we brought a solution of teaching skill with Entrepreneural mindset.

I think it is the only and easiest way to produce a required youngster who is the demand of time & world.